I am not a true gen-y-er

Uni started back this week and I found myself breathing a sigh of relief to be back in my normal student routine – sleep in, eat a long breakfast, think about going to class, not go to class, watch movies, catch up on Masterchef, avoid watching my lecture on line, stay up late and then do it all again.

I wish that’s how it went.

Instead I find myself studying full time, working nearly full time, trying to get my pre-Europe body back AND planning a wedding. Late nights… I’m lucky if I get any sleep!

So I am taking a wonderful subject called Convergence In The Media. Sounds incredibly interesting yes? And I am sure it would be – except the main subject matter is one I LOATHE: social media.

I have made such a good attempt to stay so far away from the twitter-ing, pin-boarding, tumbler-ing lifestyle  that when I sat down in my lecture  on Tuesday I realised I was way out of my depth (and no, I don’t think the fact I have a blog contradicts this).

Meme? Twitter sentiment? Trending topics? Delicious stacks? WHAT?!

The course is about what e-tools journalists and professional communicators can use to help them to not only navigate, but also analyse and understand whats happening on social media. Or at least thats what I gather it is about (I started having a panic attack after my lecturer used the word “screen-shots”).

Once I had recovered I tried to complain to my wonderful, incredibly concerned mother.

My argument went like this:

“I don’t understand why we need to learn about these tools, isn’t it much more important to develop good human relationships, get out on the street and talk to the community about what they think is important? I barely have time to make dinner let alone sit infront of the computer all night catching up on the latest 57 million different blogs out there. And I don’t even know how to take a screen-shot on my own computer. OH MY GOD my life is over.”

That got me this response:

“Well actually darling, there are so many amazing things – opinions, images, thoughts, issues – being spread over the internet through a plethora of social media. Just think about how much richer and diverse your world will be once you can navigate that properly?”

Even my own mother, who is no where near the gen-y bracket, is more switched on than me in this social media landscape. Last night she made a playlist on iTunes all by herself! Tomorrow she will be Tumbler-ing as good as the next true tech head and Instagram-ing her dinner!

I will put up a good fight, but with my first piece of assessment less than three weeks away, my mum has inspired me. Perhaps it is time I dipped my toe in the Twitter-sphere and made a Delicious stack… of pancakes!

I might be nearly a graduate, but no way am I a true gen-y-er.

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3 Responses to I am not a true gen-y-er

  1. Tumblr Trude, Tumblr.

  2. fe says:

    a healthy dose of scepticism never goes astray Trudi, especially in the online world …. loving the blog Trudi …thanks xfe

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