Not letting my new year’s resolutions slip…

So, it’s a new year. And on this first Friday of the new year, I have decided what a better way to get my New Year’s resolutions underway than by dusting off my keyboard and telling the world all about them.

Jokes – my keyboard would never get dusty.

Step 1 to resolution success – be held accountable. Tick.

So I’ve been a slacker in the blogosphere. But new year – new posts. Of this, I can be sure. For at least a month anyway.

The last time I wrote, I was complaining about the first month back at uni post winter holidays. A LOT has happened since then (or at least it feels like it – but on rereading my post I am not so sure, maybe I need to suck it up).

If I were a VCR player with a good fast forward button (I just hate those stupid fast forward options on the DVD player, I always get the speeds wrong and end up missing my spot, normally spoiling the main plot line in the process) this is what I would play to get you up to speed:

I aced uni – ONE STEP CLOSER to being a graduate! I travelled on a whirl wind adventure to Hong Kong in search of wedding dresses and fake flowers (stay tuned for more on that one!). I became an aunty to the most beautiful bundle of love Hart Harper Sullivan who gets even my anti-baby bones mushy. I spent some quality time helping my mum out in the kitchen with her DELICIOUS new enterprise. And I spent a glorious Christmas and new year with my nearest and dearest.

It was a busy six months.

But now I have come back to my little studio and over a fresh espresso from my new coffee machine (a birthday gift from my beloved), the reality of the new year has started to sink in.

The wedding is in 10 weeks. Somewhere before then I have to go back to work, get back in mum’s kitchen, start uni, try to make up a good excuse for the personal trainer over my terrible post-christmas-fitness, AND try to sort out the shambles I feel I’ve made over our impending nuptials.  At the start of this whole process I had decided to blog the wedding planning adventure. Who am I kidding – TRUST ME that is not something anyone wants to voluntarily be apart of, let alone read about. But now that it is down to the wire – that is where the fun starts right? I guess we will find out… Some other night when I have a wine close by.

So while tonight I can’t leave you with some deep philosophical learning (those take at least three weeks into the new year to start emerging), I can tell you my new years resolutions. And I think I’m already off to quite a good start!

Trudi’s Resolutions 2013

– Nourish my mind, body and soul (blah blah blah – but at least it isn’t as generic as “join the Gym” – that was last year’s)

– Make time for me (I made this promise to a friend of mine – we are both keeping tabs on each other)

– TRY to be less critical of others, and be generous and kind

– Learn to drive (it WILL happen this year)

– Post a blog entry each week

and most importantly


So this blog will be my proof that it is possible to stick to your new years resolutions.

Happy new year!

*Note to self – delete blog when this all starts heading south*


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