I am (not) ambitious

Ok. So maybe I was a bit ambitious with my whole “new year, new me, new posts every week” thing. Rewind. There was no maybe about it. We are now a whole month into the new year, and I’m on my second post. Ok, I have had my big *sigh*, I can handle one post a month, let us be realistic after all.

Thinking about my possibly impossible resolutions (and the pace at which January slipped away) suddenly had me thinking that I missed the point about the whole resolution thing. I don’t want a whole new me, or a completely different life. Yet each year I find myself staring at that page in the brand new diary, January 1, preparing for multiple changes that honestly never happen.

I know I am not alone. You might be thinking “what a quitter – we are barely two months in and she is making excuses already”, but I’d like to take a different bent. I am not a quitter, I am a realist. I work full time, I own a dog (read spoilt child), I’m trying to plan a wedding, trying to maintain loving relationships with my partner and friends, am supposed to graduate in November, and in all of that I want to slim down and maintain an online blog. I hate computers – but I didn’t think of that when I was writing my resolutions.

Having said that, with the craziness of the month that was January behind us, maybe we will all find ourselves with a bit more time up our sleeves. Hang on – they hit us post silly season with the shortest month of the year – how are we ever supposed to get these resolutions happening.

So I have made myself a new pact. Rather than set myself unrealistic goals each December and think of all the things I never did each new-year-count-down, I have resolved to abandon the resolutions and instead focus on making this year full of everything I love. And as long as I have my family, fiance, and friends; well then F me that sounds fantastic.

So I promise you, dear readers, I won’t be making any more promises about my posts (or lack there of) again. I like to think of it this way – I resolve to maintain the spontaneity of my posts – just to keep you all on your toes as the year goes on.

Next time, I’ll hopefully have recovered from the shock of February creeping up behind me and hitting me in the face with an unused gym towel (was that resolution 2 or 3?).

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